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Chinese man wanted by US authorities arrested in Athens

US authorities are demanding the extradiction of 52-year-old Chinese citizen, Wu Tian Min, who was arrested in Greece and jailed in Korydallos for a number of criminal offenses such as espionage, criminal organization, attempted arms export, ammunition, money laundering.


The case on his release was scheduled for today but it is likely that it will be postponed due to the general strike.

Against the 52-year-old, a California District Court indictment has been formed as he allegedly attempted to buy on behalf of a shipping company a maximum range antenna for collecting, recording, decoding and sending information.

In particular, the US Department of Homeland Security (NSA) has asked the Greek authorities to identify and monitor the 52-year-old, who is alleged to be the representative of a legitimate shipping company in his country.

According to the US authorities, the person in question is accused of having an interest in buying a secret military device that has the ability to intercept classified military messages, even if coded, and to decode them.

Immediately after the embassy's signal the police began to monitor the Chinese national, who allegedly contacted those who would supply him with the surveillance equipment for tens of millions of dollars. The appointment was closed at a central Athens hotel but once it was completed, the 52-year-old was arrested.