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German Foreign Ministry: Schauble is implementing economic voodoo on Greek program

The German Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Martin Seffer implied that a difference of opinion between his boss, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and his colleague of the German Finance Ministry, Wolfgang Schauble was still present on the handling of the Greek matter.

In response to Mr. Schauble’s recent comment that he could not do anything about the Greek debt due to decisions in the German parliament, the diplomat stressed that foreign ministry was aware of both the EuroGroup’s and the German parliament’s decisions regarding the Greek debt.

He went on to explain that the purpose of the Foreign Ministry’s intervention on the matter, was the goal to offer Greece some breathing space in order to aid the country stand on its feet, something which the whole German government was aligned to. “Its [Greece’s] chance to exit the markets at least in the medium term in order that the harsh program on the Greek people can give it some prospect”. The spokesperson criticised the varying economic models and projections regarding Greece’s growth over the next 40 years, labelling them “voodoo economics”.