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Aghios Nikolaos first competitive cliff diving competition

The city of Aghios Nikolaos in Crete will host on the first weekend of July the first cliff diving competition and a night show, organized by the municipality and the World High Diving Federation 

The cliffs at Lake Voulismeni, located directly in the centre of the city, are ideal for the 18 international cliff divers who will be participating to show off their somersaults and twists, the organizers said. The event includes dives from 16 meters height in different styles and levels of difficulty. They will be made from two points of the cliff which stands at the northern side of the Lake ? an area inspected and selected by the Federation for safety and water depth. Participants are both professional divers and amateurs from Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Denmark and Britain. 
Speaking at a press conference on the event, Aghios Nikolaos mayor said the city is ready to welcome the visitors. A similar event in Aghios Nikolaos last year included divers who demonstrated their skill but didn?t compete.  
The schedule is as follows: 

Friday (June 30) ? Free training
Saturday (July 1) - Qualification
Sunday (July 2) - Finals

Sunday (July 2) - By night after the finals