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Bulgaria lures Greeks for Xmas holidays

The Christmas holidays were a good excuse for many wanting some time abroad to flee to neighboring Bulgaria. Many Bulgarians took the opposite route.

Despite Greek ski resorts being fully booked over the holiday season, there are those who still prefer to spend vacations abroad.

Before the crisis, destinations of choice were the capitals of western Europe, or exotic spots in warmer climes, now however more and more Greeks are choosing to vacation abroad, but closer to home.

Bulgaria, as is shown through official data, has become an ideal spot for winter tourism for Greeks, while Bulgarians are crossing the border to spend holiday time in Greece.

According to the Bulgarian chief of border police, Boiko Boshikov, around 42,000 vehicles and 130,000 passengers crossed the borders between the two countries during the Christmas holidays.

More specifically, 24,000 vehicles and 77,000 persons crossed from Greece to Bulgaria, while 18,000 vehicles and 53,000 persons crossed from Bulgaria into Greece.

Despite the numbers of vehicles there were no untoward congestion at border crossings.