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Corfu hosts MAXI 72 class sailing race CORFU CHALLENGE 2017

Corfu will host for the first time in Greece this summer, the race of impressive sailing vessels of the MAXI 72 class.

The race will take place on 3 - 8 July and the inspiration for this idea was the new challenges and new experiences that a group of MAXI owners sought for their favorite class of yachts, which could at the same time reconnect sailing with its historical roots.

The MAXI 72 class (M72 Class) began in 2014 as an initiative of seven Mini Maxi boat owners who wanted a more effective means of promoting and controlling their sailing races. It is probably the most spectacular sailing race, due to the size of the boats and the specialized skill of the numerous crew.

Corfu was chosen as the perfect venue for the first race - as it offers new seas, good winds, new challenges and above all a "discovery" inherent in the mythology of sailing. The person behind the race is class MAXI 72 skipper, Greek-American businessman George Sakellaris. His ambition was to bring MAH72 to Greece, recognizing the multiplier benefits of such events for the local community. "We hope that this struggle will become an institution and a springboard for the country to become a pole of quality tourism.