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Pope Francis donates 50,000 euros to Lesvos earthquake victims

Pope Francis donated 50,000 euros to address the needs of the earthquake victims of Lesvos, the Vatican's Apostolic Nunciature in Athens said on Sunday. 

"The Holy Father, because he feels very close to the earthquake victims on the island of Lesvos, has donated 50,000 euros to be used as relief for the victims, according to the judgment of Archbishop Nikolaos," the Holy See's representation said. 
The donation comes after the Archbishop of Naxos, Tinos, Andros and Mykonos, Nikolaos, as Apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Chios, asked the Apostolic Nunciature in Greece to inform Pope Francis about the earthquake in Lesvos. The representative of the Pope in Greece immediately informed Pope Francis and the above donation was made.
In the coming days, Archbishop Nikolaos will visit Lesvos to deliver the donation in the name of the Pope, "as proof of his love for the earthquake victims in Lesvos."