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UPD: Former ELSTAT boss found guilty, sentenced to two tears

Two years' imprisonment with a three-year suspension was imposed by the Three-Member Appeal Court on ELSTAT's former head Andreas Georgiou, considering that he should be found guilty of one of the three acts constituting the offense of dereliction of duty.

In particular, the court held that he should be found guilty of not informing the Board of Directors of ELSTAT to send Eurostar data on the deficit in October 2010.

Instead, the court declared Andreas Georgiou innocent of not inviting the Board of Directors of the Authority as required by the law, but also for the fact that he had maintained his position at the IMF and ELSTAT for 6 months at the same time.

The prosecutor in his statement argued that the act attributed to the accused exhibits particular moral debauchery, and he therefore suggested that he should not be granted any mitigating circumstances, which was also adopted by the court.

In the months ahead, the judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal on the felony of false assertion is also expected.