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Alleged rape attempt provokes clashes between Syrians and Iraqis on Samos

The alleged attempted rape of a 19-year-old Syrian refugee man by three Iraqi refugees in the Samos reception and identification centre has provoked a series of reprisals and sparked violent clashes between Syrians and Iraqis on the island.

Five people were stabbed and taken to hospital during the incidents, among them one of the three men accused of the attempted rape.
Everything started on Saturday night, when the alleged rape attempt occurred, and spilled over into violence the following morning in the town of Samos, at which time three people were injured. The clashes then spread to the migrant reception centre, where another two people were stabbed. In addition to the man suspected of the attempted rape, police are also holding a Syrian national and seeking a third man.
The specific reception facility on Samos is designed to house 700 people but currently accommodates a total of 2,369 awaiting processing. There are currently 2,592 refugees and migrants on the island awaiting a reply to their application for asylum.