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2017 gross capital formation to surpass 22.3 bln euros

Gross capital formation is expected to exceed 22.3 billion euros in 2017, according to the economy ministry's estimates, compared to 19.5 billion euros in 2016.

Ιn statements to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Alternate Economy Minister Alexis Charitsis said that the conditions for a virtuous economic cycle are in place in order to sustain self-sustaining growth.
However, Charitsis said that the government is implementing a comprehensive development plan for the country's productive reconstruction from the very beginning, but it is also laying down rules.
"Investments need to enhance and upgrade the productive potential of a region and not just take a market share and push aside small domestic producers, while at the same time they need to respect environmental and labour legislation and create new jobs," the alternate minister said.