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Pavlopoulos, Dijsselbloem agree to conclude third programme review as soon as possible

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos sent multiple messages during his meeting with Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem in Athens on Monday, including on the outcome of the German elections and the economic crisis.

Pavlopoulos said that Dijsselbloem had played a creative role throughout the economic crisis and that this was acknowledged by all democratic political powers.

He also offered assurances that Greece will fully meet its commitments but simultaneously expects that its EU partners will deliver on their promises for debt relief.

Moreover, he stressed the importance of concluding the programme review as swiftly as possible and added that the Eurogroup must be institutionally strengthened. It is time that the European Union has its own Monetary Fund, he noted.

On the outcome of the German elections, he said that this should lead to conclusios, especially as regards preserving Europe's social cohesion.

Dijsselbloem underlined that Greece's economy has made significant progress and that confidence has been restored. As he said, Greece is an integral member of the EU and the eurozone and pledged to remain committed in the effort made for the conclusion of the programme review and Greece's exit from the programme.