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Agriculture specialist Kouveli's choice for DIMAR secretary


Thirty five year old Thanasis Theocharopoulos is the choice of Democratic Left (DIMAR) president Fotis Kouvelis for the post of party secretary to replace Spyros Lykoudis.


Mr Theocharopoulos was elected to the new party central committee, placing ninth in terms of votes. Mr Theocharopoulos was DIMAR's choice for general secretary of the ministry of agriculture, leaving the post when DIMAR left the governing coalition. As concerns the party, he is a very recent member and his lack of a party past may hinder his candidacy as he is not well known among party cadres. Mr Kouvelis, however, is strongly promoting

Athanasios Theocharopoulos hails from Veroia and holds an M.Sc. in agriculture and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Thessaloniki University. He has been a scientific adviser to the faculties of Agricultural Development and Agricultural Enterprise Management, Animal Husbandry, Plant Cultivation, and Commerce and Quality Control of Agricultural Products.

He has taught a broad range of subjects within the field of agricultural policy and economy, like agricultural finance, agricultural marketing, European integration, international organizations and commercial legislation, agricultural product pricing, animal husbandry economics, and economics of integrated management.

He has participated in a number of research projects under the European Commission, the ministry of agriculture, the Central Macedonia periphery, and Greek universities and technical colleges, on issues of agricultural development policies, technical and economic analysis of primary production sectors, economy, viability, and efficacy of agricultural enterprises, environmental economy, and viable agricultural development.

He has published more than 40 articles in international journal, Greek and international conferences, and in compendium volumes. He is a reviewer for several journals and a member of the ditoriasl board of the “American-Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture.” He has also held the post of vice president and board member of the Hellenic Interdepartmental Organic Agriculture Society.

He is a member of many Greek and international scientific and professional associations like the Union of European Agricultural Economists, the International Agricultural Enterprise Management Union, the Hellenic Geo-technical Chamber, the Hellenic Agricultural Economy Society, and the Agricultural Union of Macedonia – Thrace.

Athanasios Theocharopoulos is politically active with the Democratic Left party as a member of the Economic and Social Policy sector, and is responsible of the agricultural section of the Central Macedonia local party organization. In 2012 he was a member of the Parliament's inter-party commission on the Common Agricultural policy.