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German media: Greek economy recovers, but Greeks slide into poverty

The Greek economy is recovering, but many citizens can not secure a dish of food, Die Zeit writes in a report from Athens, entitled "Poverty Despite Growth".

The German newspaper on its website refers, in detai, on the charity work of Austrian Erwin Schrümpf, who founded the Hellenic Aid Association and transports by van from Austria, as often as possible, items ranging from medicines and baby food to diapers and medical devices.

One of the places where he shares what he brings from abroad is the port of Piraeus. As the Austrian says, the refugees have fled from here and live in hospitality centers on the outskirts of the city. Here are the homeless, that increase in numbers day by day grows, Erwin Schrümp notes. A little further students have organized a small soup kitchen. For many homeless people it will be the only hot food for the day, says Erwin Schrümp.

According to statistics, Greece is at a turning point. In 2017, economic growth will continue. Since 2010, the country has received 250 billion euros of credit. But the money was used to refinance debt and support the banks. The funds did not relieve the Greek population. According to polls last summer, almost 67% of Greeks estimated that their financial situation will worsen in the next 12 months.

Erwin Schrümp, however, believes that Greece will need at least 20 years to exit the spiral of the crisis.