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Well known posh club stole power for weekend parties

The owner of a luxury club in Kolonaki may not have paid the electricity bill in the past few months. The power company may have cut off power in the store. This, however, did not thwart the owner.

The ... party was still rocking every Friday, Saturday and Sunday! This was taken care of, according to the police, through an employee of DEH (the power company) and an electrician associate. Every Friday the electrician went to Kolonaki, illegally connected power and the club operated normally.

On Monday, he went back to the neighborhood and cut the power again. Upon leaving the owner gave him 800 euros for his services. The money was shared with the employee of the power authority, who turned a blind eye and mediated the illegal electrification of the club.

Last Friday, following a complaint, the men of the home affairs department of police. arrested the protagonists of the case with 400 euros in pre-marked banknotes and led them to the First Instance Court of Athens. However, due to the abstention of lawyers the case was not heard.