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Tsipras to meet with Korean counterpart

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will meet with his Korean counterpart Lee Nak-yeon on Monday. The meeting is considered critical following recent economic figures confirming that Greece is exiting the crisis and investments exceeded 2 billion euros in the seven month period.

Korea has repeatedly expressed its admiration for the Greek culture and acknowledged that our country offers many economic opportunities.

The reason for Lee Nak-yeon's visit is the reception of the Olympic Flame in view of the Winter Olympics (on Tuesday in Ancient Olympia). However, economic cooperation is at the centre of his visit. High technology, shipyards, agro-food products, e-government, inter-university cooperation are the areas that our country can achieve important agreements.

In the field of high technology, giant companies such as Samsung have lready expressed interest in cooperation, while the Korean company has reportedly acquired a Greek high-tech company. According to the same sources, Korea has expressed interest in ship spare parts. Significant interest has also been expressed for agro-food products with Korea wishing to import feta, oil, wine and olives.