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Court hands former SDOE head ten year suspended sentence

Former head of the SDOE (state financial crimes auditors) Ioannis Diotis was unanimously sentenced to a ten-year imprisonment sentence by the Tribubal Appeals Court of Athens, in the case concerning the so-called Lagarde list.

The court found Mr Diotis guilty of failing to use the data included in the list of Greek depositors at HSBC. At the same time, he acknowledged that the actions he carried out were done in order to benefit, not to control, the 2,059 persons on the list.

A few days ago, the prosecutor of the Tribunal Appeal Court had demanded the dismissal of Mr Diotis, arguing that the delivery of the file in question with the names of the then Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos refutes any deception by the accused.

Then the prosecutor had also argued that the handling by the former head of the SDOE did not cause damage to the Greek State and therefore did not substantiate a suit of infidelity that bore him.