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Arrest on Saturday may crack many domestic terrorist cases

A 29-year-old arrested on Saturday morning has become a puzzle for police who are trying to profile him in order to fill in the gaps linking him to other local terrorist oganizations and indoividuals. Anti-terrorist service officers are continuing investigations of his accomplices as well as of attacks he was preparing.

Besides, the findings in his home - clocks and explosives - show that he was planning new "hits" and the authorities are trying to find out what the possible targets might have been.

The 29-year-old was captured in an operation in the Agios Panteleimonas neighborhood and is considered to be the manufacturer and sender of letter bombs to both Loukas Papademos, who was injured when he opened the letter, as well as to former German finmin Wolfgang Schäuble and the IMF offices in Paris among others. Also, 8 such parcelss were found at the mail sorting center.

The 29-year-old was taken before a special investigator against terrorism. Immediately and will also face the Prosecutor, in order to face additional 

At the same time, however, his contacts with jailed terrorist Paula Roupa are being explored. The 29-year-old is also thought to have played a role in three organizations, in "Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei", "Revolutionary Struggle" and "Popular Fighters". This is why his participation in the escape attempt by Nikos Maziotis and members of the "Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei" from Korydallos Prison, by helicopter, in February 2016, is cbeing investigated. The failure of this plan is believed to have led to his enstrangement from Roupa.

In addition, his role in other attacks is being investigated. At the 29-year-old's home, police found an explosive similar to that used in the bomb placed at the house of appelate prosecutor, Georgia Tsatani, last October.

The countdown for his arrest began when the genetic material found in the letter bomb which was sent to Schauble was delivered to poloice from the German Treasury. Police are examining his involvement in the attacks on BSE offices, the Ministry of Labor, Eurobank on Santaroza Street, and the Gorgopotamos project at Korydallos Prison, which was prepared by Christodoulos Xiros.

Weapons and explosives

In the 29-year-old's home, on Alkamenous street, police found weapons and explosives that were apparently being prepared for relocation.

The police officers arrested him as he left the apartment he had rented with a fake ID. At that time he was carrying 3 travel bags, a garbage bag, and wearing a waist bag. Police found:

8 fake IDs,
2 9mm pistols and 300 cartridges,
plastic caps with a complete time explosive mechanism, explosivs and 2 plastic containers with unknown explosive,
plastic packaging with unknown amount of powder,
a number of detonators, cables, wicks, crackers, timers, voltage multimeters, batteries and various materials for the construction of time bombs and a laptop.