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Attorney's murder linked to Albanian mafia and Energa fraud case

The men arrested and accused for the murder of Michalis Zafiropoulos were actually planning a grand escape for bosses of the Albanian mafia.

Evidence found in an apartment in Kallithea (south Athens) including Kalashnikov assault rifles, explosives and two complete police uniforms, coupled with information recorded by a communications eavesdroping device, led police to conclude that the Albanian Mafia's plan was double: millions of euros from the Energa case and then the "break out" of their bosses through a major operation.

But the tragic ending in the attempt to intimidate lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos put paid to the plans of the Albanian mafia. Indeed, the officers believe the 32-year-old killer may have shot the lawyer in the chest, instead of the legs, because he used a silencer. And that's because, as it turned out, the gun with which they went to intimidate and eventually murder him was fitted with a silencer.

It is now certain that the Albanian mafia is behind the case, that from inside the prison, set up the "big score", relying on the pressure that one of the main figures of the Energa case was facing because of his upcoming trial. The three Albanians initially said that the former major shareholder of the company had offered them 100,000 euros to murder the lawyer of the state firm, Giorgos Antonopoulos (the case is under investigation without a lead, so far) and then they were looking for channels of communication to force him to give them five million euros, otherwise they would harm him and his family.

At the same time, due to the imminent trial, they said they were prepared to rescind the accusations about Angelopoulos' death contract. However, because they were house  in the prison's fifth ward, while Floros was in the jail psychiatric ward and therefore unable to meet him, they changed plans. They hired the two Albanians aged 30 and 32 - known as "short guy" and "tall guy" - who had been jailed together in recent years, and gave the order to meet Zafeiropoulos, who was Floros' lawyer, to send him a message that he must talk his client into giving them the money, by shooting his legs, to terrorize him and to get the address of Floros' family residence. 

The charges in the Energa and Hellas Power case concern not paying the relevant consumption tax to the relevant authorities, as well as non-payment of property taxes and extracting some 200 million euros to foreign bank accounts.