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Efstathiou names bribe recipients

Panayotis Efstathiou gave a whole account of who, when, and why he paid off a number of persons to prosecuting authorities. in a detailed memo submitted to prosecutors.

Mr Efstathiou noted that Antonis Kantas would visit him at home, or office, whenever any funds were disbursed for programs of interest to Efstathiou, and “in extortionist fashion” demand a cut. However Panos Efstathiou could not remember the specific sum that Kantas was given, as these were piecemeal and he did not have STN ATLAS /HDW documents. He did however note that he never gave Kantas a lump sum of a million.

Panos Efstathiou also noted that in mid 2000, retired submarine officer Emmanuel Sartzetakis, and adviser to TREDECO on naval matters (1990-2007), brought a list of persons that TREDECO would have to give money/bonuses to after suggestions by STN ATLAS's submarine division chief Wolfgang Luebke.

These people were both TREDECO associates, like Sartzetakis himself (who got 20,000 euros), and third parties who helped STN ATLAS get contracts through advice and personal labor.

As concerns third parties he gave money to, Panos Efstathiou named the following (for submarine systems):

1. Panayotis Papathaniou (naval officer) got 150,000 -200,000 euros for information provided on competitor's bids.

2. Konstantinos Tziotis (naval officer) got 150,000 -200,000 euros for his selection of the system as the competent expert/engineer.

3. Alexandros Madonis (naval officer) got 150,000 -200,000 euros for his advice to STN ATLAS.

4. Giorgos Theodoroulakis (retired chief of navy) got 300,000 euros for his advice to STN ATLAS.

(for the ASRAD system)

5. Giorgos Skarlas (EBO) got 300,000 euros for his role as a mediator with persons of influence such as P. Nikolaidis.

6. Eleftherios Pseudooikonomou (General Directorate for Procurements) got 100,000 for advice given.

7. Ioannis Christoyannis (General Directorate for Procurements) got 50,000 for advice given

8. Konstantinos Panayotakis (retired Army chief) got 100,000 euros after retiring to prepare a study for mounting the system on a HUMMER vehicle, the results of which are also used by the German Army's systems.

9. Vasilis Dimitriadis (submarine officer) got 150,000 euros for advice given.

10. Vasilis Tsilinikos who after retirement got 100,000 euros for advice given.

Panos Efstathiou noted that he had not made any payments personally or through companies he owned to political persons and also that he did not know and had never met messiers Avataggelos, Livanos, or Metaxa, while saying that he had seen Mantatos at certain social functions.

Mr Efstathiou also covered bankers Fanis Lyginos and Oswald of Dredrner, but also lawyer Kyritsakas, whom he called a stock exchange adviser. In order to further shed light on the issue and show up any payments he has forgotten Panos Efstathiou referred to the opening of his accounts and his companies' books.