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Civil servants to see exit in 2014

The restructuring of the public sector and the responsibilitιes of the Greek state to fire or suspend civil servants in 2014 will be tabled in the new cycle of negotiations with the troika.

The restructuring of the public sector and the responsibilities of the Greek state to put 12,5000 civil servants on a “mobility” scheme and fire another 11,000 in 2014 will be tabled in the new cycle of negotiations that will commence between the political leadership of the government reform ministry and the troika on 15 January.

Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to present government moves for the firing of 4,000 civil seervants that should have taken place by 2013, of which some will take place in the first days of 2014, as well as a 'road map' for further layoffs (11,000) and mobility (12,500) for which there is an extension until February.

The Greek government will include in the 4,000 firings for 2013, the 2,000-2,500 layoffs at public broadcaster ERT, the 300 corrupt civil servants laid off, and 700 that left their jobs for health reasons. The government will also present legal regulations for the removal of 130 employees of the National Highway fund (TEO) that will be fired with the closing of the organization and about 230 firings that will come from abolitions or mergers of small and medium organizations included in a bill that will be tendered in January.

As concerns the mobility of 12,500 civil servants by the end of February, the government reform ministry will spell out for troika the decision to put on the list 9,000-9,500 employees through a restructuring of EOPYY health fund, and the evaluation of local government organizations that will yield another 3,000-3,500 staff.

The road map for the 11,000 layoffs during the year includes 2,500 – 3,500 employees from state operated enterprises and local government organizations, and another 400 – 600 for disciplinary reasons, 1,000 EOPYY doctors that will prefer contract work.

Of those already in the mobility scheme, 1,800 school guards, 500 finance ministry cleaning staff, 1,300 civil servants from other ministries, and 200 municipal police persons. These numbers will be effected by April-May.

For the period August - October 2014, there will be layoffs of 3,150 personnel on suspension by February, 800 EOPYY employees, and 1,350 employees from municipalities and social security funds.