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Asian Tourism: Greece as a Destination and as a European Gateway

The conference "Asian Tourism: Greece as a Destination and as a European Gateway" will take place on Friday, November 10, at the Ioannis Vellidis Conference Center in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, within the Philoxenia 2017 exhibition.

The aim of the Philoxenia Conference is to explore the trends and the appeal of this new tourism market for our country in order to facilitate procedures and set the conditions that are necessary for the massive flow of tourist flows from the Asian countries.

The conference will focus on three thematic units and a round table discussion with the following content:

- "The development and trends of outgoing tourism from Asia" will present the development and trends of outbound tourism from Asia, along with the factors that affect it.

- "Connectivity and travel facilities" will examine issues of connectivity between Asian and European cities in general, as well as Greece. Particular reference will be made to the issuing of visas.

- "Reaching Asian Traveler" will include a debate on experiences and best marketing practices.

A round table on "How prepared is Greek tourism, and what needs to be done immediately?" will take into account the main points of the first three sections, and discuss whether Greek tourism is ready for the Asian market and what the next steps should be.