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Anarchists occupy Polytechnic ahead of celebrations

The occupation of the Polytechnic school, in downtown Athens, was announced by a group of anti-authoritarians, starting today through a post on a well-known anti-authoritarian website.

The occupation is taking place within the framework of the three-day celebration of the 44th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising against the Junta and, as stated in the announcement of the anti-authoritarian group, its aim is to "cancel the process allowing ministers, prime ministers and people protected behind police. to place wreaths."

At the same time, the anarchist group is launching an attack through its announcement against the communist party KKE, stating that it "fouls the history of the Polytechnic rebellion". The occupation is taking place in order to satisfy some of their demands which concern jailed members of the terrorist group  Revolutionary Struggle.

The occupation comes at a time when, according to information, anarchists from from other European countries have flocked to Athens to take part in Friday's Polytechnic rally. According to Kathimerini, police are already on alert as last Friday, the "Rebellion" festival took place at the Polytechnic, where about 100 anarchists took part, of which half were foreigners. In particular, it mentions that there were 30 anarchists from Central and Western Europe and 15 Albanians living in Athens. This festival was completed at dawn and followed by the post for occupation of the Polytechnic. It is worth noting that police reportedly have proceeded in recent days to the arrests of about 6 foreigners.

At the time of writing, members of the communist party youth are assembling outside the occupied campus, and a fight between them and occupiers is feared.