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Albanian PM provokes while proceeding with "ethnic cleansing"

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, called Greece “spoiled” warning that Albania will “no longer be silent on the historical issues between the two countries” indirectly bringing into the agenda the so-called “Tsam issue”.

The Tsams were a small Albanian population that lived on the Greek side of Epirus, in Northern Greece, which collaborated with the Nazis during WWII. They used their position inthe occupying forces to grab the properties of their Greek neighbors and ethnically cleanse the Greek majority of the areas next to the Greek-Albanian borders. After the end of the Nazi occupation of Greece, they all retreated to Albania following the German forces. In the trials that followed “in absentia”, they were stripped of their Greek citizenship and their properties were distributed to the families of their victims as compensation.

In the aftermath of the recent meeting of Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias with his Albanian counterpart Dmitry Bushati in Crete, which ended with virtually no results, Edi Rama is continuing nationalist rants against Greece, trying to change the political agenda of the drug scandal that his former minister and close associate Shimir Tahiri is involved in.

Speaking at the meeting of Albanian diplomats and representatives of the Albanian diaspora, Rama said provocatively, “Albania has spoiled Greece and will no longer be silent on the historical issues between the two countries”.

The Albanian Prime Minister also referred to the occasional contacts of both sides, saying that “these discussions are in line with the political attitude of Athens as Greece has been deceiving their Albanian counterparts”. As he stated, his country “is willing to discuss  the future honestly, and to address these issues on the basis of European standards and principles” with Greece, which he described as a “strategic partner”. Addressing the Albanian diplomats, he stressed that the Greek-Albanian relations should be expanded and further developed, but the precondition is the overcoming of the remaining issues, meaning the lifting of the “in war” status that typically is still in place between the two countries and the issue of the “Tsam issue”.

Meanwhile, Albania is conducting a well-planned “velvet” ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Greek minority of Albania, that resides in the southern part of the country known as Northern Epirus. Only recently, the Albanian authorities demolished at the town of Himara at least 19 houses and businesses that belonged to members of the Greek minority under the pretext of a “real estate development plan”. The…”compensation” offered to the Greeks by the Albanian government is 2Euros/sqr.m., that is i.e. 200 Euros for a 100sqr.m. house!…