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Arrested Kurds planned attack during Erdogan visit?

The possibility of the nine Kurds arrested on Tuesday being linked to the visit by Turkish president Erdogan to Athens on 7 and 8 December is under consideration by Greek P{olicew (ELAS).

Police sources of police consider the case extremely serious. The same sources reported that the suspects may have been considering the possibility of preparing terrorist actions related to the visit of Erdogan to Athens. However, at present there is no evidence (drawings, notes, etc.) to prove it, although, investigations are ongoing.

In addition, the Anti-Terrorist Bureau is worried by the fact that only explosives and a pistol, not a heavy weaponry, have been found in the possession of the arrested. That's why they suspect that they might have been preparing bombing attacks.

In a statement, ELAS, announced that case files are being drawn up for the nine people arrested.

"There are no indications so far that the nine Turkishcitizens  arrested were preparing to strike during Erdogan's visit," Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection, Nikos Toskas, told ANT1broadcaster.