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Western Greece flooded after sudden rain downpour

Towns in the region of western Greece are taking stock of the disastrous effects of the floods that hit the area on Friday night. Thousands of acres of cultivated and non-agricultural land have been turned into lakes and swamps.

Large municipalities such as Missolonghi and Agrinio have been declared in a state of emergency as central roads are covered in mud, while extensive damage has been caused to settlements and to the road network. It is estimated that the volume of rain that fell in just one day in the region of Aetolia-Acarnania is commensurate with the volume of all November of previous years.

The rural and national road network has suffered serious damage in the areas of Thermos, Agrinio, Missolonghi and Amphilochia, while there was an overflow of water in the Acheloos and Inachos rivers.

The Greek police suspended traffic in the new Antirio-Ioannina national highway from the Angelocastro juncture up to the Sykia junction until December 22 due to the damage caused by the rainfall. According to epiruspost.gr, virtually no village or settlement in the prefecture of Preveza has been left unaffected.

Interior Minister Panos Skourletis is scheduled to visit the disaster-stricken areas on Monday to assess the situation and talk with the locals. Competent bodies including local government and central government agencies have started recording the damage, however, local media are reporting that locals are disappointed with authorities accusing them of abandoning them at the mercy of the weather elements.