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Mount Olympus claims more lives

Yet another tragedy on Mount Olympus, as one of two trapped mountaineers was trecovered dead after a climb that began on Monday.

The victim is a 55-year-old climber who was seriously injured after falling during a climb on Olympus.

According to the Fire Brigade, the rescuers, who managed to reach him on Tuesday morning in the area known as Louki Kalogirou where the climbers had been trapped, ascertained that he had lost his life.

Specifically, rescuers were alerted by his mate on Monday afternoon that the 55-year-old was unconscious as he received injuries to his head because of his fall.

A firefighting operation involving 16 firefighters with three vehicles from Katerini and Litohoro as well as the 2nd EMAK of Thessaloniki was immediately set up, but the difficult weather conditions resulted in personnel not reaching the point in time and finding the man dead at 2 in the morning, on Tuesday.

According to trescuers, the 55-year-old has suffered serious craniocerebral injuries as he fell into a ravine. However, the 37-year-old man who had gone climbing with the 55-year-old was found in fairly good condition.

The 37-year-old is slightly injured, with bruises and injuries in several parts of his body, but, fortunately, suffered no broken bones.

The Hellenic Air Force Super Puma helicopter, that participated in the operation and carried 5 rescuers from the 2nd EMAK from Litochoro, was unable to reach the point. EMAk personnel were forced to travel on foot, in adverse weather condition, to the Louki Kalogirou area.

This was the third rescue operation on Olympus since Saturday, when another tragedy occurred resulting in the death of a 25-year-old climber and the injury of his friend. Yesterday, two other mountaineers were found injured and taken to the Katerini hospital.