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Angela Davis: “Greece is not alone”

Angela Davis, activist, writer and California University professor, visited Athens for two days and she talked about developments in the US and Europe and noted that racism and facism were proving resistant to time in a press conference with multiple messages regarding human rights, regardless of gender, colour and sexual orientation.

She referred to the inspiration spread around the world through the Greek people’s demonstrations against austerity. She also sent a message of solidarity and struggle, underlining that “Greece is not alone; we can’t express our disappointment only but have to keep alive all the things inspired us to begin with. The unfulfilled wishes should be fulfilled in the future. Even if they are lost, we must remember again all the things that inspired us.”.

Replying to Donald Trump, she reiterated that he is not her president. “Most Americans chose not to go to the ballot box and this helped Trump to be elected.”. On Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Davis expressed her support and solidarity with the Palestinian people and her belief that Trump will not change his decision. She stated that Trump, unlike even his worst predecessors, did not appear to have any sense of the gravitas of his role but “believes he is the protagonist of a reality TV show.”.

On Monday, Davis delivered a lecture on feminism at the French Institute noting that young people using technology and the social media were currently arriving at different analyses and different visions on how they see themselves in the world. In reality, she added, young people have much in common to struggle for and resist and must not lose hope.