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Anti-establishmentarian charged with stealing honey, destroying hives, and killing 55 million bees

A 49-year-old is being charged with stealing honey and causing destruction to beehives in Central Greece and Thessaly.

This is an old anti-establishmentarian who was arrested on December 5 for nine bank robberies. In particular, the 49-year-old is involved in 21 cases of stealing and destroying 1,135 beehives, killing 55 million bees.

The perpetrator went to hives, stole honey and destroyed the hives to misguide authorities. The financial loss to the producers is estimaterd at € 287,000.

He operated in the mountainous areas of Giona, Vardoussia, Oiti and Pelion. The 49-year-old was arrested on 5 December 2017 in Athens for other cases.

In particular, he is accused of bank robberies in the period 2002-2009. He was a person accused in 1994 of causing damage to the Ministry of Culture.