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Greece paralyzed due to general strike

Greece has paralyzed due to the 24-hour strike announced by GSEE (General Confederation of Labor) and ADEDY (Civil servants union) with the central slogan "You've finished it".

Unions are responding to the anti-labor policies and overtaxation, which continues and is reflected in the new budget.

In its announcement, GSEE talks about deadlocked and reluctant government policies that have "strangled" the whole of Greek society and warns that it will continue its mobilizations in the framework of the nationwide action it will take next, in coordination with its professional and scientific bodies of the country.

"As long as the same monumentally catastrophic policies continue, the fight will continue, in any way and every way", the GSEE announcement concludes.

It is noted that the current 24-hour strike is the 45th since 2010 when the measures of the memoranda began to apply.