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Self proclaimed anarchists smash things up in Thessaloniki

Featured Self proclaimed anarchists smash things up in Thessaloniki

Hooded assailants invaded the Rectorate of the University of Macedonia and vandalized everything in sight.

Shortly after 8 in the evening of Wednesday, the perpetrators reached the third floor of the building, threw red paint, smashed computers and offices of the rector's secretaries and vice-chancellors.

The hooded youths caused considerable damage, the rector of the University of Macedonia, Achilleas Zapsanas said on "thestival" website.

Police officers consider the offenders were the same people who attacked the Municipal Television of Thessaloniki on Wednesday afternoon.

In their earlier attack on the municipal televisionstation, they smashed four cars, three belonging to the station, and injured the driver on duty. The hapless employee was struck with a metal rod on the back of the neck, in an effort to avoid the blow aimed at his head. The station manager Filios Stagos, told Athina984fm, that the intent of the youths, whom he gauged to be between 16-20 years of age, was murderous.