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Spate of anarchist violence in two Greek cities

Within less than 24 hours, four assaults-invasions took place in Thessaloniki and Agrinio by groups of anarchists and hooded persons.

The targets of the perpetrators yesterday were TV100, the University of Macedonia, the Agrinio Tax Office and today the Union of Editors of Thessaloniki.

The office of the Union, which represents journalists in Greece's second largest city, was invaded by hooded youths last night. A group of seven people entered the building of the Union of Editors on Kallaris Street, and caused damage to the second floor. The perpetrators broke computers, televisions and printers. They then left in an unknown direction. Police forces are searching for their location.

Yesterday, hoodlums, also, invaded the Rectorate of the University of Macedonia and smashed everything in their path. Shortly after 8 in the evening of Wednesday, the perpetrators reached the third floor of the foundation's building, threw red paint, smashed computers and offices of the rector's secretaries and vice-chancellors.

They caused considerable damage, the rector of the University of Macedonia, Achilleas Zapsanas said on thestival website. Police officers are considering the possibility that the perpetrators were the same people who attacked the Municipal Television of Thessaloniki on the afternoon of Wednesday.

Thehooded group also struck at the municipal media in Thessaloniki on Wednesday. According to thestival.gr, about 20 people with masked faces attacked the entrance of the building that houses TV100 and FM100, at 1 N. Germanou Street, in the center of Thessaloniki. They threw paint and broke windows, while causing damage to parked vehicles.

Three of the damaged vehicles belonged to the municipality and one to a private individual. Some of the hooded people hit a TV100 worker with crowbars, injuring him lightly. He was taken by ambulance to the AHEPA hospital.

The perpetrators threw flyers, which wrote "for each 8 o'clock news program there will be a broken TV station" and "victory in the struggle of the prisoners against the new correctional code", according to thestival.gr. There were strong police forces collecting information on the incident.

An invasion of the Agrinio District Tax Office was staged by members of the Rouvikonas collective on Wednesday morning. According to the text of the anti-authoritarian site, the invasion took place on the occasion of the forecluse on the first residence of a citizen. In his text, Ruvikonas states inter alia that "the owner of the monopoly of violence decided to show the most ruthless facet of this reality to an unemployed person in the city of Agrinio for the "astronomical debt"  of 1,319 euros".