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Experts are reassuring after earthquakes hit northern Greece

Locals and tourists in northern Greece have been reassured that there will be "no further problems" in the region, after two earthquakes hit the prefecture of Kilkis, north of Thessaloniki.

The quakes, measuring 4 and 4.7 on the Richter scale, left people in the area shaken with fears that there could be more to come.

While the seismic activity is predicted to continue over the next couple of days, leading seismologist Efthymis Lekkas, head of the Organization of Earthquake Planning and Protection (OASP), said that they do not expect it to exceed Tuesday's levels.

"We are prepared but I believe the earthquakes will remain at this level and we will have no further problems," Mr Lekkas said.

The epicentre of the first earthquake took place on Tuesday at 12.13 am, located 28 kilometres north-west of Kilkis with a focal depth of 2 kilometres. While the second one followed just hours later at 6.24 am 25 kilometres north-west of the region with a focal depth of 10 kilometres.

Italian holidaymaker Thilanka Hitchens who was staying in a sixth floor apartment with his girlfriend when the quake struck, was shocked when the bed and chandeliers started shaking.

"We went on the terrace to check if there was people outside who thought that it was better to be on the streets rather than staying inside," Mr Hitchens told The Sun Online.

"My girlfriend was really worried about the whole thing so we got dressed, collected our money, the passports. Everything.
"It was a bit scary but I guess that an earthquake is never a pleasant experience, especially if you are in a foreign country."

There have been no reports of major damage to buildings or injuries to locals and tourists.