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Air Force accident: A pilot from a family of pilots

Four brothers and a sister as well as a father, all officers in the Hellenic Air Force, are in the family of the younger of the two pilots, who yesterday successfully used the ejection seats of their T-2E Buckeye jet trainer, that crashed a small distance from the Kalamata air base.

This is surely a unique incident, that deserves a place in the Guinness Book of World Records! The two pilots, the pilot-instructor "S" and the co-pilot- lieutenant-in-training "K" are in good health.

Of these two, the air force family is the younglietenant's, whose brothers, sister, and of course, their father, are graduates of the Ikaron Air Force Academy!

The father, like the older brother pilot F-16s! The lucky, despite his misadventure, lieutenant is a twin brother of another pilot, who is "senior" by a year, after passing the exams for the academy on his first try, ending as Chief of his class. His twin brother enrolled a year later and also finished with outstanding performance!