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Albanian PM: We are not blame for the deterioration in relations with Greece

Albanian prime minister Edti Rama stressed the willingness of the Albanian government to resolve all problems in relations with Greece.

The Albanian prime minister, in a speech on the anniversary of his party's youth, has refuted accusations that he has been responsible for the deterioration of his country's relations with Greece.

"On the contrary, we are protagonists in leading to a new level of strategic understanding and cooperation in the future," he said according to AMNA press agency and added that the two countries are in talks as neighbors who respect the principle of equality.

"In order to have zero problems with Greece we have to solve all the problems, and in this direction our government has identified new and unknown channels of dialogue and understanding with the Greek side so far," Edi Rama also said.

The prime minister of Albania expressed optimism that in the context of the settlement of problems, the affairs of the past will be dealt with "through dialogue and understanding ,but respecting the context of our history and strategy".

With regard to the recent developments in Skopje, where the House in question has passed the law as official recognizing Albanian as an official language, Mr Rama called on all the Albanians to feel proud of this fact.

At another point in his speech, he noted that the law was passed by the Skopje parliament, as a consequence of Tirana's policy, which created, according to Rama "a real belief that Tirana wants in practice Skopje to be a strong, stable, democratic and developed country to ensure the prosperity and harmony of the two peoples that constitute it. "