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Controversial sculpture pulled down in Faliro

A sculpture called “Phylax” located in the municipality of Paleo Faliro that had caused quite the controversy was found on the ground.

Initial reports noted that it fell due to the strong winds. However Mayor Dionysis Chatzidakis alleged it was deliberately knocked down by people. As he said "At 3:30 pm at dawn, today, about 14 people, according to the food truck owner who was there. They came with a truck, and some jeeps, and were wearing hoods. They tied it with ropes and the truck pulled it. The truck did not have license plates. They pulled the sculpture down. And because of the fall, the sculpture broke its wings."

The sculpture had caused a backlash when Christian groups protested against it dubbing it the fallen angel, or the devil. The sculpture depicts a red headless creature with angelic wings.