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Afghan in possession of detonators arrested in Athens

The man was arrested in the center of Athens and was found to have in his backpack 78 electric and electronic detonators. Inquirires are under way to determine the contacts the Afghan had with anti-authoritarians and if he was to deliver detonators to this area.

The Afghan was arrested in the Lycabettus area where he ate at an expensive restaurant and then refused to pay. The owner called the police and after the investigation the detonators were found in his backpack and he was arrested.

The man, who has been arrested several times in the past for violating the Aliens Act by providing different data each time, although his fingerprints were obviously the same, has been detained and is being interrogated by the anti-terrorist squad. It must be noted that his arrest was also posted on a well-known website of the anti-authoritarian space, which although stating that his name was unknown, altrted readers that he was a "comrade".

Investigations, so far, have revealed that he was seen outside of several occupied homes that are used as squats for the ofimmigrants, so his relations and contacts in Athens are being looked into.

Finally, it was clarified that in his possession, besides the detonators, there was a First Degree Decision for an application for international protection, from the Xanthi asylum bureau, which means that he has filed an asylum application which is being examined, but he has been recorded many times in the past by the Authorities for violation of the Aliens Act, each time displaying documents with different identities.