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Thessaloniki mayor proposes preposterous kowtow to FYROM

In his rebuttal in the debate on the name of Macedonia in the Thessaloniki City Council, Mayor Yannis Boutaris set out the issue of renaming the Thessaloniki airport, currently named Macedonia.

"We have to see what we can do. We have the airport "Macedonia" and tourists that arrive here think they are coming to FYROM. Will we keep the names "Macedonia" for Thessaloniki airport and the KTEL station? We lost and we have to understand it," said the Mayor of Thessaloniki.

It must be noted that last week the government of FYROM decided to rename the national road connecting Skopje with Greece and Skopje airport, both of which are currently named Alexander the Great.

Mr Boutaris' ramblings (in the televised segments he is slurring his speech, and his sentences are haphazardly connected) have caused the ire of many, including members of the municipal council, politicians, and inhabitants of Macedonia.

In the past, Mr Boutaris has managed to provoke sentiments with his musings, many of which sound like a textbook on subservient multiculturalism, spiced up with disdain for anything traditional, national, or Orthodox. Characteristically, he was recently interviewedin a brothel for a well-known magazine.