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Anarchists claim responsibility for attack on Ukrainian embassy

With a post on an anti-authoritarian site, the "Alexei Mozgovoy Brigade" assumed responsibility for the attack on the Ukrainian Embassy on January 20th.

"At dawn on Saturday, January 20, 2018, we attacked the Ukrainian embassy in Athens with Molotov cocktails, where the residences of the diplomatic mission, the police station and the vehicles of the embassy are housed".

The anarchist organization argues that the attack "was a response to the coup and the nationalist uprising organized by the United States and the European Union in November 2013 in Ukraine".

They also argue that "today Ukraine is under the boot of a coup d'état, under the supervision of the IMF, with Nazi battalion battalions being an organic part of the official army."

At the same time, they warn that "our attack was a threatening message to the Greek state and capital. The interests, choices and plans of the Greek bourgeois bloc and its governments ".