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Anarchists smash up Athens and other cities

Threats to level down the city are hurled by the anarchists who sign the text with which they take responsibility for the attack at Ermou street, downtown Athens earlier this morning.

At the same time, there were no arrests despite the fact that the tension had begun since Sunday afternoon when anarchists arrived outside former Prime Minister Loukas Papademos’ house writing slogans on the walls and throwing leaflets. the tensions culminated with the grenade attack at the Kessariani police station.

The footage from the security camera shows the anarchists pass through Kapnikareas Street and break all that is in their path using hammers.

In their text on the attack on the most commercial street in Athens, the anarchists clarify that everything was done within the framework of the “general wave of solidarity” to Konstantinos Yagtzoglou, the man arrested for the parcel-bomb sent to the former Prime Minister Loukas Papademos.

A similar action took place in the city-center of Thessaloniki with the anarchists setting fire to rubbish bins.

In Patras they burnt ATMs, threw Molotov bombs in a government building, attacked a supermarket and placed an incendiary device in a police car at dawn on Wednesday.

Also as an act of solidarity, 20-25 anarchists occupied for a short time the offices of the pro-government newspaper “Avgi”, before going down to Omonia Square.