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FYROM PM: Greece should also open its Constitution

In an incredible statement without precedence, the PM of FYROM, Zoran Zaev said Greece should also open its Constitution regarding how it (Greece) takes care of its citizens abroad.

Mr Zaev reiterated today that the change of his country’s constitution is not a permanent guarantee for Greece.
He even proposed, as a viable solution to the name dispute that an international agreement should be signed and ratified, instead of changing his country’s constitution.
“It is very important to apply what the world knows, and this is the well-known international practice of resolving such disputes – international agreements, ratifications in parliaments, UN decisions – and then (the solution) will be eternal. I am convinced that by such approaches, by taking into account what is important for the citizens of Greece and ‘Macedonia’, we can find a solution to the dispute we have with Greece”, he said.
“We should not put red lines if we want to find a solution. We must take care of each other in order to preserve the dignity of both peoples, of the two countries and of the two nations and, and in any case, to preserve what is feeling and that is identity. Identity is feeling, no one can negotiate and barter it. I believe that, in this spirit, by carefully approaching the partners with whom we are negotiating, we will find a solution”, he underlined.