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State revenue watchdogs to hit tax evaders during Easter season

The High Authority for Public Revenues (AADE) is putting the latest touches on the business plan that will be implemented during the Easter period, in order to curb tax evasion.

The audit plan concerns all areas of economic activity but focuses on accommodation services, which, beyond the usual checks, will become the first crash test for the new tax on tourist accommodation.

Against the backdrop of the annual target of 70,000 on-the-spot audits by Tax Offices and another 4,000 targeted by AADE, the information gathered from the exploratory trips of previous days does not allow any complacency, since they show high levels of delinquency, especially outside the capital.

Typical are the latest cases added AADE's "black" which now will be audited for the last 5 years:

• A well-known live music nightclub in the center of Thessaloniki had not issued receipts of a total value of 2,000 euros and was closed down for 48 hours
• A well-known aphrodisiologist in Karditsa, although having a queue of customers, proved very forgetful, as in 53 cases he had not issued receipts for his servicess. His practice was not shut down, as doctors have been excluded from this measure, but the fine was steep
• A hair salon in Kozani had so much business, that it forgot the obligation to issue receipts. What is unbelievable is that 139 such offenses were found! Of course, a 48-hour "padlock" was enforced, as happened in a hair salon in Arta for the same reason
• Honorablemention for tax fraud goes to Marathon, with its well known taverns. In one case, the owner pocketed 900 euros wihout receipts, while in the second case the amount reached 2,000 euros. Both taverns were shut down.
• Fasting is ideal for excursions to seaside taverns, so areas like Chalkida have increased traffic, especially on weekends. An audit of one of its fish taverns showed that there were "no" receipts of a total value of 1,115 euros;
• And because tax evasion also touches sports activities, two of the most popular 5x5 soccer playing fields in Chania were found to have systematically committed tax evasion.

The intensity of controls will be particularly noticeable, as the first figures on the revenue front show that VAT receipts are not as high as last year. And since the data of the first 4 months will play a decisive role in the final negotiations with the lenders about fiscal surpluses and whether an early tax reduction is required, it has become clear to the directors and supervisors of the most critical audit services that mistakes can not be forgiven.

Within days, a broad meeting is also expected at AADE to better coordinate the services, but also to provide the final instructions for implementing the Business Plan of the next, festive weeks, possibly with specific focal objectives.