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Amateur photo of elderly man and cat on Athens bus goes viral

The interest of both internet users and Italian Vogue has been fueled by a photo of an elderly man and his cat taken by a Greek amateur photographer.

Specifically, the photo shows an elderly white-haired man holding his equally whitish cat in his hands. The impressive thing is that both look at the camera with almost the same expression and look.

Their similarity is so remarkable that the photograph became viral on Facebook, the snapshot has reached even the online edition of Italian Vogue.

As for the photographer, Victoria Alex, she is an amateur photographer and author, and also has a profile on Facebook, in which she poetically describedher unexpected meeting with the man and his cat on the bus at dawn, in the center of Athens.

"The passengers of Athens' late-night buses may have been born in June 1921, may be taking pill for fibrillation, may be living in Abelokipi, reading a lot, may not recognize the buildings of Vassilisis Sofias Avenuw, may own a cat that has the same look as their own. I promised a passenger of the X14 bus, to leave this photo in his mailbox.
(March, 2018, 3.34 am) "..