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Communist protesters attempt to tear down Truman statue in Athens

With truncheons and kicks, the men of riot police thwarted demonstrators from an anti-war rally trying to tear down a statue of US president Harry S. Truman statue in the center of Athens. Chemicals were used, before the protesters finally dispersed.

All started when protesters allied with the Greek communist party (KKE) from the anti-war rally broke off from the main part of the demonstration headed for the US Embassy and arrived at the Truman Statue. There they attempted to tear down the statue with a angle grinder/cutterl, but were thwarted by a squad of riot police that began to repel the protesters with batons. There were been clashes between demonstrators and police, and chemicals were used to disperse protesters.

There were at least two detentions of protesters and three people were injured. Later it became known that the detenees were arrested and both would be brought to the Prosecutor.