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Armed Forces chief asks TV channels to tone down rhetoric on Turkish proclivities

The heads of the TV stations were invited by the Chief of the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff, Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, to request care with the transmission of national issues and, in particular, with the management of the tensions that Turkey daily causes in the Aegean Sea.

The meeting of the armed forces chief with the station managers took place about 15 days ago and only now became known. Among the channels briefed were ANT1 and STAR.

In fact, a relative report hosted in To Vima newspaper in the column "Vimadotis", wrote: "The chief of the General Staff of the Hellenic Armed Forces, Admiral, Apostolakis, under the weight of the war scenarios and the climate of generalized tension that tended to prevail in the country in the past, due to a parade of various retired hawkish offices, asked to inform the broadcasters ... There the chief of the General Staff called them to lower tones in order to dampen the climate of tension and war scenarios, which riles the armed forces and also stimulates public concern and has a negative impact on tourism and the economy, in general."