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Church of Greece opposes child adoption by same sex couples

The continuation of the dialogue on teaching of religion in schools with the same Commission following the examination of the material of the new textbooks  on the subject before printing was announced in a communiqué issued by the Permanent Holy Synod of the Church of Greece. The same announcement touched on the Synod's oppositiion to a bill for child adoption by same sex couples.

Indeed, the three-member committee decided to ask to meet with Education, Research and Religious Affairs Minister Konstantinos Gavroglou.

At the same time, regarding article 8 of the bill tendered by the ministry of labor entitled "Measures for the promotion of institutions of foster care and adoption", the Permanent Holy Synod announced that "any form of (contraction or underwriting) that is contrary to the evangelical teaching and the traditions of our people as regards the sacred institution of family and marriage can not have the acceptance of the Church. "

The Holy Synod through this announcement underscored its opposition to adoption of children by same sex couples, which is currently being debated publicly.