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Article allowing same sex couples to be foster parents passes in parliament

Article 8 of the draft law on adoption and fostering that gives the opportunity to couples of the same sex living under a civil partnership to become foster partners was passed in parliament on Wednesday.

In a total of 264 MPs, 161 voted for the article and 103 against. The bill overall was passed with a large majority.

The Greek state must consider its stance in terms of children deprived of a chance to live a normal life outside of an institution, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said  during the debate for the bill on the adoption and fostering of children.

"The major issue today is the state's stance before children deprived of the opportunity to live a normal life, and growing up in institutions. (These) children who until now were unfortunately invisible to the state: children of a lesser God, deprived of the right to live and grow up in a home, in a family", stated Tsipras.

He added, "I have the feeling that the public discussion focused, wrongly in my opinion, on a single article of the draft law which I do not consider minor," said Tsipras, saying the children robbed of an opportunity to live in a family are the "children we should have in mind today".