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Bicycle cops patrolling Rethymno

For a few days policemen-cyclists patrol the streets of Rethymno. They speak foreign languages, serve visitors, and also intervene in mild cases of delinquency. It is mild, visible policing that contributes to the tourist development of the area, as the police director of Rethymno, Antonis Routzakis, stressed at a press conference.

Their bikes have a lisence plate, their equipment is comfortable and allows movement flexibility for working policemen who have been pedalling along for the last few days.

It is mild, visible policing that provides a sense of security to locals and visitors, who will be lucky as the police are able to simultaneously guide them in foreign languages ​​to facilitate them.

The first patrols of police cyclists have left the best impressions. In Rethymnon their working period is set from April 1 to October 31.

This institution is part of the network of clear policing actions, targeting and contributing to the faster and more direct service of citizens and tourists, as well as to enhancing the sense of security of the local communities.

Police cyclists, operating in Rethymno, are administratively and operationally under the charge of the Department of Tourist Police of Rethymnon and its main responsibilities are:

the service of visitors and tourists, providing the appropriate instructions and the necessary information, both on tourist and wider interest,
collaborating and assisting other Police Services or other Agencies to resolve problems, mainly of tourist interest, and to facilitate the visitors of these areas; and, the appropriate operational readiness and effective response to the management of mild cases of police nature.

This new form of policing contributes to the creation of a modern model of police management of local issues and problems in a more flexible and effective way, while aiming at its acceptance and integration in the societies where it is implemented.