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Anarchists attack demostrating unionists

Shortly before the gathering of the civil servants union ADEDY at Klafthmonos Square, about 20 persons wearing motorcycle helmets attacked the demonstrators with eggs and stones.

Tje main trade unions of the country are on strike Wednesday against the government's austerity policies. The demonstration was marred by anarchists who were shouting "bums, unionists", while hurling eggs and stones. The attack lasted only a few minutes and immediately the anarchists disappeared. But they managed to break the podium from where unionists would address the crowd and threw flyers with the slogan "No Alliance with Employers".

They wrote slogans on the GSEE building

At the same time members of grassroots unions, the extra-parliamentary left and the antiauthoritarian space, wrote in red spray slogans on the exterior walls of the General Confederation of Labor GSEE building.

The slogans denounce the union's association with employers. And also threw leaflets (flyers) at the General Confederation which complain that it is the boss, and there are also slogans against trade unionists. Protesters remain outside the GSEE building.