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Farmers decide to contine blockades, demonstrate in Athens

Featured Farmers decide to contine blockades, demonstrate in Athens

Farmers decided to escalate their protests following a nationwide meeting of blockade groups held in Nikaia, Larissa on Tuesday.
They will continue their struggle with roadblocks on national highways, as well as protests in cities. Additionally, they decided to hold a central demonstration in Athens with their tractors.

Some 55 blockade groups and 70 federations participated in the nationwide meeting, with members urging their colleagues to participate massively in the mobilizations starting on Wednesday (Feb. 7).

Their demands include reducing production costs, advocating for tax exemptions on agricultural diesel, lowering electricity expenses by 7 cents/KW, providing subsidies for supplies and animal feed, offering full compensation for lost income on production, opposing the implementation of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and seeking its renegotiation.