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Anarchists attack police with petrol bombs over the weekend

The continued and coordinated attacks against police officers in Greece have caused widespread criticism for the government’s inability to impose law and order.

On Saturday night, a group of unidentified individuals attacked a police bus carrying a SWAT unit headed to the Turkish Consulate in Thessaloniki. The culprits, who emerged from the University compounds, threw 30 Molotov bombs at the vehicle as it was moving among Agiou Dimitriou street.
“The unit came under a murderous attack, as it was intended to kill colleagues. The bus was hit by30 Molotovs. Fortunately, there was no injury”, said Vice-President of the Union of Police Officers of Thessaloniki, Dimitris Padiotis. He went on to demand the intervention of the Public Prosecutor, as the phenomena were becoming a daily and widespread occurrence.
Meanwhile, more attacks took place against police units on Sunday morning in downtown Athens at the corner Tositsa and Charilaou Trikoupi street when a group of men threw Molotov bombs and rocks against police, who proceeded to take two people into custody before later releasing them.
Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) released a statement blasting the Alternate Minister of Public Order, Nikos Toskas accusing him being completely out of touch with reality after his interview to newspaper Ta Nea that law enforcement units could enter the anarchist hotbed of Exarchia. The statement says lawlessness has gotten out of control.
Responding to the Minister’s claims that police were doing their best, the general secretary of the special guards union, Stratos Mavroidakos said people in the neighbourhood of Exarchia were laughing at the Minister’s claims that police are now entering Exarchia. “Police is absent from Exarchia. I have served there 11-12 years and know what I am talking about” he said.