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Austria could sabotage Greece-FYROM name agreement

According to British news site Telegraph, Austria is threatening to sabotage the agreement reached between Greece and FYROM on the name dispute signed on Sunday at Prespes.
As the site reports,

"Austria is threatening to sabotage the hard-won Macedonia name deal unless the European Union ends membership talks with Turkey, in the latest sign of deep divisions in a bloc riven with discord over migration.


Greece and FYROM (the UK site calls it “Macedonia”) took a major step towards ending almost 30 years of bitter dispute on Sunday, as the countries signed an accord that will rename the Balkan nation the Republic of North Macedonia in return for Athens promising not to block Skopje’s efforts to join the EU.


The breakthrough was accomplished amid suspicions that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia coveted the Greek region of Macedonia. But the deal could now be derailed in Brussels at a June 28 summit of EU…"


According to the Telegraph, officials in Brussels have been informed by Austrian government officials that the government’s goal is to block the deal until the EU withdraws from the accession negotiations with Ankara.


source: The Telegraph